Innovation for Food Security and Sovereignty in the Andes (IssAndes)

The IssAndes project came out of a basic necessity to provide food for children of the Andes region.  Various studies have concluded that there is chronic malnutrition in children under 3 years of age.  Based on the above, the general objective of IssAndes is to contribute to improve food security and nutrition to vulnerable rural groups in the Andean region.  The focus is on a natural food crop, the potato as it is one of the most important vegetables to this region.

The project focuses on 4 major work components.

  1.  Developing innovations in potatoes as it pertains to health and nutrition.
  2. Taking a stern look at how to produce potatoes more efficiently.  Maintain agricultural systems and focus on issues such as seeds, integrated crop management, and management of potato breeds.
  3. Nutritional education: Focusing on educating the family unit on the improvement of feeding processes of potatoes especially for younger children.
  4. Political and Public Impact:  Making headway in strengthening food security and nutrition in the government level.  Making sure that this issue is always on the minds of the politicians.